How to keep your blog's lulz and visits high?

Ok fellas now i will talk about a big picture. All of you want to have lots of visitors and pageviews etc. First you should keep your visitors on your blog. And you shouldn't let them to leave so quick. Why? because if you dont have any visitors spending time on your page and if you dont have them from search engines that makes your blog really really bad according to big "G". i tell you why? Cuz lots of us doing a bad mistake. Posting only one entry and waiting others to come and visit, follow your page. That makes you only happy for a few days. Things doesnt goes on like that. Hear me and do things below.

1. Post as much as you can!!! images, videos, jokes, meal recipies... Whatever you post, post moar.
2. Post as much as about trends that people searches. Visit this page soooo often to see what people are searching right now.
3. Give tags to posts, give title's to your images about your target keywords.
4. Write some words "stronger". I mean stronger, bolder.. Your keywords should be bolder.
5. Give links to big,quality sites. Like cnn.com, fbi.gov. lol.. Really that works like a charm. Give wiki links. Other people's blogs. Etc.
6. Submit your blog to search engines. Find free submission sites to submit your blog.
7. Find friends to give your links on their blog. For example if you write some comment under this post i will add your link to my linklist. Backlinks and trackbacks are good.
8. Be creative and dont "copypasta" acording to big "G" the best thing is unique content. Keep this always in your mind. UNIQUE. to be unique make mistakes on your posts. Dont care how to write too much. Just be unique.
9. Know what people are coming for you blog. Use statistics things on your control panel. And see which posts do people like most.
10. Keep being fresh. Everyday post something on your blog. It will make you really qualified. You know what i mean about qualified.

Theese are most 10 things known. If you have on your mind feel free to add on comments. BTW dont forget doing anything 4 the lulz. Everything must be for the lulz forever.

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tl;dr = Be UNIQUE and Fresh!!!!



The End. said...

comments do make you happy! hope youre happy now! woo!

Anonymous said...

good advise purhaps i will take some of it into concideration

Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog i will take it into concideration

LifeHacker said...


will be back for more


Mr. Washingtub said...

Thanks a lot man. I will definitely follow both you and your tips! I hope you liked my blog.

Mr. Washingtub said...

Hey man thanks for the tips I will definitely follow you and your tips! I hope you liked my blog.

TheWatcher said...

great info will put to good use!

WakeOfBuzzards said...

That was some good stuff!

DemiDanzig said...

lulz were had?

Anonymous said...

thats a wop ginny if u ever saw one

Yikezz said...

nice! hopefully it will boost my view numbers! i want as many fans as possible!


WoW blog, if youre into that stuff :)

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SupoAart all tah way! :D

Spilii said...

Thanks man

Ensine said...

Good tips, keep it up.

Bub said...

Very nice!/like

x said...

for the lulz! a mantra to live by.

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