I'm not a clever man

Nowadays im playing a game called Dragon Age: Origins. It started as usual. A hilarious magic school and a stupid mage that doesnt remember everything about her/his past. Now im in a freaking world called "FADE". Does all role playing games must be like that? Same scenerio? I mean forgotten memories and a place actually even not exsists in that role playing world. Like "Fade" or "Oblivion" or "Twelfth Plane of Torment" like in this comic. Dude im not a clever man. What the hell is this place? And what am i doing here with my electrical staff and stupid party members. Im talking with a dog ?!? what is the wrong with this Video Games.

Safety Tips From Anubis.

Safety Tips From Anubis
I do not know why, but I liked the most so far was this cartoon. Incredibly funny. Safety tips from Anubis. I lol'd so hard. Anubis, according to ancient Egyptian mythology, known as son of Nephthys and Seth. He is actually son of Osiris. He is the god of mummification. Anubis' wife is a goddess called Anput, his female aspect, and their daughter is the goddess Kebechet. Once i had a trip to Egypt. It was about 2 years ago. I saw that great hieroglyphics there. All of them was really like big comic books without "pow" "smack" sounds.. You know what i mean. Batman slaps Joker and a big "smack" sound comes.. Anyway the hotel i stayed was "Hotel Sonesta Cairo" it was amazing. It was so close to pyramids and has a casino. The funniest part was this kinda hieroglyphics were there too.

It is All About Money - Rageguy

Have you ever want to take a coke and realized that you havent got a coin? Yeah such a terrible situation isn't it. Rageguy expresses this in a good way. FU. If you havent heard who is rageguy before try this.

The Routine of a.. Umm.. well.. A geek?

1. a set of predefined actions.
2. a lesser part of a great programming whole. synonym; subroutine.

1. He went through his routine every morning.
2. The routine was set, and the program needed to be tested.
Yeah, a geek's daily cycle is like this.. Wake up, check emails, play games, talk with friends, ate lunch, go to toilet, have fun, play, sleep...


Here is jewbacca from episode "Revenge of the Jews". No offense. Chewbacca is the most famous wookie in Star Wars Universe. Jewbecca is a kind of religous male; generally over seven feet tall; proficient in hand to hand combat, hyperspace navigation, small arms repair, accounting, or civil litigation.

Homeless Jedi is Homeless

Homeless Jedi is Homeless
The Jedi are good guys in the Star Wars universe. They use a quasi-telekinetic power to kick enemies' a**, known as the Force, and weapons, known as lightsabers, which emit a ├╝ber energy flow in the shape of a sword, to serve and protect their Republic and the whole galaxy from bad guys. They sometimes moderate peace negotiations between planets and, if necessary, use their formidable fighting skills to quickly end unrest. The Jedi are led by a Council of 12  and one green old and wise things and members of the order. The Jedi are bound to a code of morality and justice and are trained in the use of the light side of the force but not the Dark Side. Please stay away the dark side even if you are a beggar.

Hello World

Transparent Toilet
This is the first post. This is not about law suits, neither luxury yatchs, nor people spending money nor forex. This blog is all about lulz. Everything for the lulz. I will update this everyday. Dont afraid to write comments. Pls write down your thoughts. I love you all and i love you boxxy.