Safety Tips From Anubis.

Safety Tips From Anubis
I do not know why, but I liked the most so far was this cartoon. Incredibly funny. Safety tips from Anubis. I lol'd so hard. Anubis, according to ancient Egyptian mythology, known as son of Nephthys and Seth. He is actually son of Osiris. He is the god of mummification. Anubis' wife is a goddess called Anput, his female aspect, and their daughter is the goddess Kebechet. Once i had a trip to Egypt. It was about 2 years ago. I saw that great hieroglyphics there. All of them was really like big comic books without "pow" "smack" sounds.. You know what i mean. Batman slaps Joker and a big "smack" sound comes.. Anyway the hotel i stayed was "Hotel Sonesta Cairo" it was amazing. It was so close to pyramids and has a casino. The funniest part was this kinda hieroglyphics were there too.

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